Meet The Staff

Jenny Collin

Chiropractic Assistant

Jennifer first experienced the healing touch of chiropractic after developing sciatica during her second trimester. She, her son, and husband have all experienced the positive benefits of consistent chiropractic care.

Jennifer started her career in diagnostic imaging as a tech aide for over 7 years. She then decided to take a leap of faith and learn a new trade and became a sales manager in the corporate housing industry for over 13 years. After the birth of her son, she then decided to return to her passion in healthcare where she now resides as a Chiropractic Assistance since 2019.

In her spare time Jennifer can be found volunteering as a PTO board member, driving her son to local sports team practices, including baseball, basketball, and taekwondo. She enjoys trying new restaurants, gardening, being outdoors and traveling.

Jennifer says, “One of the most rewarding aspects is knowing the wonderful help you provide to your patients’ lives, and it is a feeling beyond measure.”

Keith Fernandes

Chiropractic Assistant

Keith grew up in a chiropractic family. Coming from a lineage of healers, Keith has always had a passion for helping people with their healthcare needs. However, it was not until recently that Keith decided to pursue a career as a (CA) Chiropractic Assistant.

Keith has received the blessing of chiropractic adjustments for his whole life and sees the deep healing and transformative powers of chiropractic care. Things that western medicine may describe as miracles became a normality in Keith’s life such as: C-section childbirth avoided, IBS and Ulcerative colitis healed, mood disorders and anxiety gone without ever having to take medication. The many miracles of this healing modality go far beyond expectations.

In his spare time Keith enjoys meditation and music. He plays in a local Chicagoland band called Cartoon Graveyard. He is also a part time student at ECC pursuing a degree in healthcare and advancing his career in both music and the healthcare field.

Keith says his favorite part of the job is seeing the patients heal through chiropractic care

Pamela Fernandes, DC

Doctor, Owner

Dr. Pam Fernandes brings the hope of healing to her patients from an Eastern as well as Western medicine approach.   Because she is a third-generation chiropractor she is confident in helping the most difficult cases. 

“Through the years I have had an increasing belief that there are no hopeless cases.  Anyone can get better.”

Dr. Pam has always wanted to bring help to people who seemed beyond help, so 17 years after starting in practice, she had the opportunity to train with Dr. Yennie, the man who brought acupuncture to the United States. In 2012 she travelled to China with him to study acupuncture with Qigong Master, 4 star general, MD and acupuncturist Wan Su Jiang.

Today Dr. Pam uses Auricular Acupuncture, as well as spinal adjustments, which is needle free acupuncture on specific ear points.  This treatment is expedient, accurate and affective while getting astonishing results.

By combining increased mobility and correction of the spine through chiropractic, with balancing of energy channels, called meridians, through auricular acupuncture you are certain to get amazing results at Wellspring Chiropractic Acupuncture.

“It is important to me to treat every patient with respect and compassion by listening to them intently, then coming up with a treatment plan specific to their needs.